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Problems that are common while Studying Abroad

Problems that are common while Studying Abroad

  • Getting homesick

Ever have you stared at nothing and wondered in class. You will be doing the same when you will be studying abroad. You never gave a thought about it but you actually miss the laughs and jokes of your homies, mom’s cooking, your favorite accessory (watch) and your father’s first birthday gift to you. It’s normal and healthy to feel homesick.

Abroad study gives a lot of big opportunities to getting engaged in a new hobby or losing track of time in doing something fun like giving a try to new type of sports, watching a baseball game or sumo match, ­­reading a book you could not get your hands on back at home.”Perceived control is very important. It diminishes stress and promotes well-being.” –Dr. Ellen Langer, Ph.D., Psychology Department at Harvard.

 Getting lost in an unknown place

No matter how many streets you remember, you eventually wind up in a place unknown place.

Getting out of this sticky situation is simple. First of all, Do Not Panic!!! Freaking out in a mid-night with no known way to return back to your room is foolishness. Having a note of foreign language written as “Help me!! I’m Lost!” or “Can you guide me to the nearest train/bus Station/hotel?” or “Can you guide me to this place (aka your room)?” is quite handy in these situation. Travel Guidebooks or Map of the city are reasonably helpful. Take these when going outside.

  • Losing track of money spent

Every effort on saving the money seems worthless as your back account goes to have a 2 digit balance. Stretching your cast until you’re back to home is your optimum responsibility.

Giving access of your bank account to your parents is an easy way to survive from this crisis.

  • Feeling awkward or fear due to missing out things in home

Ever got invited to two parties at the same time? And yeah the same feeling occurs abroad when you decide to attend one but feel like missing out on another. At first, these things seem to be tolerant but empty nights and weekends are the common things that give out to this feeling.

Fear of missing out is not only a problem for abroad study. It’s a problem of the people in home country too. People not exploring outside but sitting inside trying to drag attention through social media sites and youtube will probably find themselves in these situations. Easy solution to this problem is to go out and explore your interests.

  • Getting addicted to the adventure in new place rather to attending the class

A great view of the beautiful world is the greatest pleasure to sore eyes. Who wouldn’t think of not attending the class and becoming a free bird? It’s a great excuse to get out of track of the objective to study abroad. Why wouldn’t anyone try using the Japanese words out visiting Tokyo tower instead of staying in the class to study the same language?

This is to say that people are prone to world view than study. Who isn’t?  But the whole objective of ABROAD STUDY is to study. Remember that the classes you attend are a way of success not a farce joke in it. While there is value in the act of living abroad in it of itself, if you are truly maximize the learning potential of the experience, you need to get your butt into your classroom!

  • Feeling distorted due to time zone difference between home and abroad

Well this is a sigh giver, to tolerate the time difference between your home country and abroad might be a really frustrating thing. Tracking time for normal business of home due to some official matter can be quite the challenge.

Easy way to do this is to have another clock in your smart phone. Nowadays, smart phones are reliable due to their functionality.

  • Feeling alone or discarded?

Yeah everyone in a foreign country feels like that. As the proverb “Kaag ko bathan mah bakulla” goes. People intend to have a familiar environment wherever they go intentionally or unintentionally.

Well you don’t have to start from a big group of friends. You can get along with a local friend there and Wallah! You start to establish and collect meaningful relationships. It might seem like a hard thing to do but the only thing to know is that it only takes time.

  • Cross culture and a new language?

“The only normal way to begin speaking in a new language is to begin speaking badly.” – Greg Thompson. Ever ordered chicken roast and wound up getting French fries instead? Or got lost by riding a wrong train? Communicational barriers are a reality of living abroad.

These difficulties would always be there if you don’t straighten up and respectfully learn the unfamiliar language.

  • Wanting to never go back to old country

After living abroad for 5 years, you might get the chance to become a permanent resident.

The knowledge that you gained from those years passed is much more valuable to your family back home. The key is to take home with you the feelings of ecstasy and freedom that you found in your life abroad.